Of Sushi and Giant Zucchini

I’m on day three of a fairly old-school weight-lifting routine.I burned myself out on all the crazy circuit work — as effective as compound movements interspersed with plyometrics can be, I was just sort of over it. It feels good to make friends with the free weights and machines again…I even track reps and weights with pen and paper…soooooo retro.


The best part of the day had to be the utterly ENORMOUS zucchini my coworker R brought in. Seriously, it was roughly the size of a cricket bat….longer than my forearm and quite hefty. I considered hiding it under my bed in case I ever need to club intruders, but it might not keep well. I have a big ol’ Maglite for that purpose, anyway.


After a lively discussion of sushi vs sashimi at work yesterday, I went for a walk with A and dragged her into Sprouts afterward because I had to get this:


Sriracha party roll! (picture quality = not-so-great)

Okay, okay, the checkout line temptations got to me as well.


I’m only human, after all.


Of Sushi and Giant Zucchini

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