Hooray for AAA!

Today definitely felt like a Monday; I was pretty exhausted from a long, busy weekend. Starting off with a torture hike:

Incline afar

See that brown line leading up the mountain? That would be the Incline of Manitou Springs. It’s basically a never-ending staircase that nets 2,000 feet of elevation gain in one mile. Saturday was A’s birthday and her birthday “present” was to climb that sucker.

Downward view Upward view

Funny thing…even with all the hiking I do and my enjoyment of rock climbing, I’m actually pretty scared of heights. The first time I turned around and looked down my legs instantly got wobbly and I automatically said “Whoa, Nelly” and sat down. S and A thought it was pretty amusing, of course.

It was pretty exhausting and the view at the top wasn’t much, but the (gentle) 4-mile hike out had some really great views.

Woods view Mountain view 3 Mountain view 2 Best view

I once read somewhere that “it’s not an adventure until something goes a little bit wrong.” Well, this girl – the OCD person who checks that she has her keys at least three times when exiting her vehicle – locked the keys in the car.

AAA to the rescue!

065 066

I kid you not, this guy had my car door opened in about 20 seconds flat. I gave him a hug afterward. This isn’t the first time AAA has bailed me out; they came in handy when I had an Eclipse that liked to get flat tires. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

The rest of the weekend consisted of football watching, naturally. Not my best football weekend, as my beloved Wildcats lost AND my fantasy team came up short. I apparently am quarterback Kryptonite (Tony Romo, Andrew Luck).

Until tomorrow!


Hooray for AAA!

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