Like the Printer from “Office Space”

It’s hump day, and the day began (after a killer OTF workout) with a face-off against my nemesis:

Printer error

Oh, printer. You are the bane of my existence.

A few days ago I went full dork and got myself some sweet gloves…

Weightlifting gloves

…which aren’t helping much to protect my hands during weights workouts; I’m getting mountain-man callouses, regardless.

Tuesday started off well (weights circuit!), then devolved into a face-sized brownie, courtesy of one of the cafeteria workers who spotted me, R and S huddled over our laptops in the dining area.


Pen added for scale. The cafeteria guy is great…occasionally he (literally) throws leftover homemade Rice Krispies treats or brownies at us while we walk by. I keep thinking I need to bring him cookies one of these days, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

A and I squeezed in a walk in the drizzle later that evening. It finally feels like fall and there is snooooooooow on the mountains!

We’re over halfway there…countdown to Friday begins.

Like the Printer from “Office Space”

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