Weekend Woes

Before I start complaining about how all my teams lost over the weekend, a small spot of joy:

Kid Rock Broncos fan

A testament to the craziness of Broncos fans. Yes, that is a gigantic orange fur coat. Every time I glanced over, I couldn’t help but think, “Wait…what is Kid Rock doing here?”

The day before that K-State had lost a heartbreaker to TCU, and then the Royals dropped a second game to the Astros on Sunday. On top of all that, I got utterly crushed in Fantasy Football. BUT the Royals won yesterday and are headed to Game 5 of the ALDS tomorrow!

…which begs the question…should I wear the same clothes tomorrow that I had on yesterday? I mean, how closely do people actually check out one’s work clothes?

Great things from the last few days:

His and hers beer glasses at Boone’s (the bar ran out of the appropriate tulips and gave M a super-size, compared to A’s petite version):

His_her beers

(Just FYI if you’re in Denver, Boone’s has tasty food that I would describe as “upscale bar food” and a good beer selection. Never mind that I’m biased toward Boulevard’s Tank 7 and they carry that…it’s also a cool atmosphere and they have lots of TV’s that they will tune to your game of choice, provided you get there early enough.)

Maple Bacon FROSTING:

Maple bacon frosting

Really? I kind of want to try it just for bragging rights. I like maple on my bacon but I don’t know about the two in frosting form? Could be amazing, could be bile-inducing.

And the best, found at Target for only $4.50:

Willy Wonka

Childhood fave. Note that this is not the creep-tastic Johnny Depp version (with all due respect to Depp, who I do think is generally an extremely good actor). This is Gene Wilder being so amazing that you barely realize how amazing he is. Although my favorite Wilder performance of all time has to be Young Frankenstein.

Pure genius.

Orangetheory again in the morning (I think I may have perma-sore abs, somehow) and possibly wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday. Don’t judge.


Weekend Woes

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